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Event Hire Brisbane
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Planning an event can be overwhelming. There is so much to consider – and everything has to fall within your budget. Excel Hire is the best supplier of marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane. We provide a comprehensive event equipment hire service, helping you to select and hire the best event equipment for your upcoming event. It’s easier, quicker, and far more cost-effective to enlist the help of the team at Excel Hire. All you need to do is contact our experienced team to discuss your function.

No matter the style, type, or scale of your event, we are the team to trust with the planning, hiring, and logistics. From the big picture to the smallest details, our team will take care of everything effortlessly. We are here to give you amazing industry insight and advice, in addition to having an exceptionally wide range of event equipment from which to choose. For catering equipment, marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane, we have everything you need to host an incredible event.

Are you planning an outdoor garden event? Here are your best options for marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane…

When choosing the best setting outdoor events have been increasingly popular over the past few years, and the trend is not going to go away anytime soon. With winter behind us and the warmer months ahead, it’s the perfect time to start planning outdoor events that take advantage of our Australian climate. We have all the event equipment for hire, including marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane. A marquee is the perfect way to host an outdoor event, enabling your guests to enjoy the outdoors and scenic views, whilst having protection from the harsh summer sun.

By selecting the correct type of marquee outdoor events can bring the outside in, so it’s no longer a question of indoors or outdoors. You can have the best of both worlds! Marquees are the perfect solution for a wide range of events, no matter how big or small, how casual or formal. Click here to arrange a chat with a member of our team to ensure you hire the best marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane for your upcoming function.

Want to hire marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane? Remember to hire a marquee that is the right type, and perfectly sized for your location.

At Excel Hire, we have a huge range of marquees from which to choose. We ensure that all our event equipment is top quality, thoroughly cleaned, and maintained in excellent ‘as new’ condition. So no matter which marquee you choose, you can rest assured that Excel Hire will only supply the very best quality marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane.

You can choose from white, transparent, and even printed marquees according to what would best complement your event. Standard white marquees are suitable for all kinds of events and functions, especially when you need to demarcate separate spaces within a larger tent. Transparent marquees are wonderful in scenic locations, allowing your guests to enjoy the views throughout the event. A transparent marquee truly blends the boundary between the outdoors and indoors. For something a little different and decorative, we also stock a range of printed marquees. Contact our team to view all the options that are currently available for marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane. We are here to ensure you have the best option for your event.

Because our marquees have a modular design, you have maximum flexibility in selecting the ideal site for your event.

No matter where you would like to host your event, we can erect a marquee within that space for you. We are the experts when it comes to marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane. No challenge is too great for our experienced events team. This modular marquee design provides unparalleled flexibility and, therefore, means that our marquees are suitable for an incredibly wide range of events and purposes, including:

  • weddings
  • birthday parties and other celebrations
  • corporate events
  • sports fixtures
  • music festivals
  • cultural celebrations
  • industrial applications
  • temporary warehouses
  • mobile testing centres
  • Covid testing facilities

If you have a site in mind, contact a member of our team to discuss what options are available to you in terms of erecting a marquee for your guests.

At Excel Hire, we take great pride in ensuring that we only provide excellent quality marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane. All our marquees have a powder coated steel frame to ensure maximum durability. In addition to having a robust stainless steel frame, our marquees are uv resistant and weather proof, ensuring maximum comfort for those attending your event. Contact us for reliable marquee hire at very competitive rates.

Have you considered which type of outdoor furniture set would be best for your guests?

At Excel Hire, we have various different types and styles of outdoor dining furniture available for hire at affordable rates. Although styles and trends change, what remains constant is that each set features quality finishes and maximises comfort. We ensure that our outdoor dining furniture includes both classic items as well as furniture that is more modern and on trend. This means that you are able to choose a dining set that best complements the decor, style, and ambiance of your event. Our experienced team will help you select the best range of outdoor furniture for your function.

From a casual barbeque, to a stylish cocktail party or a formal banquet, we have everything you need to set up the event of your dreams! Our wicker outdoor furniture is always a popular option for casual events, with metal being the preferred choice for markets and music festivals. From rustic to sleek, we do it all. We even have options such as high chairs to cater for any babies and children who might be attending your event. Contact our team to discuss the full range of options to choose from for hiring marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane.

Our experienced team is also on hand to help you calculate how many chairs, tables, side tables, couches, etc. you should rent for your space,  the size of your marquee, and the expected number of guests. When it comes to choosing the best possible outdoor furniture dining sets need to be carefully considered. We will even help you plan the ideal ergonomic layout of your furniture within the event space. Contact our team to help you plan your event like a pro!

Make sure you are on trend with an outdoor lounge where your guests can relax.

If you are not serving a sit down meal, then a dining chair and table set might not be your best option. In our experience providing marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane, we have seen an increase in the use of outdoor lounge chairs. Nothing allows your guests to relax quite like couches arranged as an outdoor lounge. We have everything you need to create a comfy lounge setting, either outside or inside a marquee.

When planning an event, it’s important to consider what your guests will be doing at every point during the proceedings. For example, even if you are having a formal sit down meal at your wedding reception, you might want to set up outdoor lounge furniture where guests can relax while you are having your photos taken. It’s all about thinking about what your guests will appreciate. And speaking of taking photos at your event…

Whether it’s for a professional photographer or some fun selfies, you need to create the perfect outdoor backdrop at your event.

Don’t forget about what is happening in the background! It’s always a good idea to curate a spot for photos. You can create a smaller outdoor seating area with a beautiful garden bench, side table, and outdoor umbrella. This is the perfect setup for those wanting to have a stylish backdrop for their photos. Guests will love a stylish set up where they can take some fun and flattering selfies and group pictures. (New profile picture, anyone?)

Of course, our team is always here to provide you will a wealth of creative ideas to enhance your guests’ experience. It’s the little details like this that make your event that much more enjoyable – and therefore memorable – for your guests. Taking care of the details that fit into the big picture is best left to the expert team at Excel Hire.

Working in the events industry has given our team a wealth of experience. From sports events to weddings, we know all the latest trends. Whether you are expecting family, friends, colleagues, or athletes, they will be impressed by the attention to detail that is evident at your event. You can rely on our event planners to ensure everything is thought of and taken care of. Contact us for professional advice, and allow us to make the planning of this event a hassle-free experience for you.

Trust the Excel Hire team for incredibly reliable service and professional advice.

When you contact our expert team to hire marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane, you can rest assured that you have entrusted your event equipment hire to the professionals. In addition to marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane, our team will work with you to ensure that all elements of your event run smoothly, from start to finish. We are here to ensure that all the various aspects of your event dovetail together, into a seamless progression. In a word: success.

We understand how important it is that everything is set up to allow your event to proceed on time. When you contact Excel Hire for marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane, you can rest assured that everything will be on time and on budget. Your marquee, outdoor furniture and other event equipment will be delivered on time. Everything will be set up quickly and effortlessly, according to your preferences. Our team is also available to provide insightful advice regarding the best layout of your furniture, blending aesthetics and ergonomics, to ensure your guests are comfortable and can move around easily throughout every stage of your event.

Once your event has concluded, our team will arrive promptly to swiftly dismantle the marquee and remove all outdoor furniture and other event equipment from the site. You can always rely on the team at Excel Hire for prompt and professional service. For marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane that is efficient and affordable, you simply can’t beat Excel Hire.

Stay on theme and on budget with the assistance of Excel Hire!

When you enlist the help of the experienced Excel Hire team for marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane, you gain the advantage of receiving professional advice from industry experts. At Excel Hire, we have assisted many people successfully plan and host an enjoyable event. Do you want your proceedings to run smoothly? So do we! We will work with you to ensure your event is a resounding success. Importantly, we will help you achieve the style and atmosphere you want, and all within your budget. We will take care of everything for you.

Whether you are hosting a large sports event or an intimate dinner party, you will benefit from our team’s professional advice and insight. Our business is so much more that simply marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane. We are here to ensure that nothing is overlooked when you are planning your event. We understand that planning an event can be overwhelming – there’s so much to consider! But there’s no need to worry that you might not have thought of something. With the Excel Team to guide you, everything will be perfectly planned and executed.

When planning an event, the budget is often a very important consideration. Taking advantage of our equipment hire, including marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane, means that you immediately save money. Hiring is always more budget-friendly than purchasing. And our team will work alongside you, to ensure that you can host, style, and curate your event within your budget. Sometimes all it takes is affordable event hire, coupled with some creative suggestions from industry professionals.

For professional and affordable event hire, contact Excel Hire for marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane.

We have planned numerous successful events, from corporate networking functions to music and cultural festivals. No matter the scale or type of event, you can trust Excel Hire for hiring the best marquee outdoor furniture Brisbane. We will take care of everything, ensuring that event planning is a hassle-free process. We provide quality services and equipment hire at affordable rates.

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