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Crowd Control Hire

You can rely on Excel Hire for effective crowd control hire in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We have a range of crowd control equipment for hire. We can assist you in selecting and setting up the best crowd control measures for your event. 

Most people don’t realise that most functions require some kind of crowd control equipment.

Crowd control hire on the Gold Coast is particularly important for events where many people are anticipated to attend. Sometimes it’s a matter of security: establishing crowd control so that people are either prevented from entering or leaving at a certain point. If you need people to form an orderly queue, then crowd control hire in Brisbane is an absolute necessity. Similarly, this same equipment can be used to show people the way and direct them in a certain direction. 

For events of any size, it’s often important to demarcate a specific space and/or indicate a boundary. This is where crowd control hire on the Gold Coast can provide easy solutions. 

At Excel Hire we stock a variety of crowd control equipment.

Depending on the style of your event and nature of your crowd control needs, different types of equipment might be needed. We offer options including: tensa barriers, picket fencing, and bollards and ropes. The team at Excel Hire is here to advise you regarding the most effective crowd control measures for your needs and event.

All our crowd control equipment is maintained in superb condition to ensure it’s an effective asset for your event.

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