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Welcome to Excel Hire: Your Premier Marquee Hire Service in Queensland

At Excel Hire, we understand that creating an unforgettable event is all about crafting an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Our marquee hire services bring a touch of novelty and sophistication to a wide range of occasions, from corporate gatherings in Brisbane to elegant weddings on the Gold Coast. We believe in the power of novelty, and that’s why our marquee offerings are designed to be more than just temporary structures – they’re a canvas for your unique vision.

A great way to extend and utilize your outdoor space and take advantage of the perfect Queensland weather is to hire a marquee in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast or Hinterland. Hosting an event is no easy task, and before many people delve into the unknown of hiring catering equipment, choosing food, or picking decorations, they often have a venue in mind. Whether you are marrying the love of your life and want to tie the knot on the beautiful beach where you first laid eyes on each other, or are celebrating a milestone birthday and want the ease of being able to host in your own backyard, one thing is essential: hiring a marquee.

High Quality Tent Hire

There are many different advantages to having a marquee at your next big event, from protecting you from the weather to creating a beautiful space. Excel Hire has a reputation for providing visually striking clear marquees and white marquees to cater for any manner of function in any location, from the beach to the bush. With the versatility of a modular design, Excel’s clearspan marquees and roof marquees are a great way to showcase your next event or party.

Benefits of Hiring a Marquee: Your Event, Your Rules

When you opt for marquee hire in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you’re choosing the freedom to mold your event into a truly unique experience. Break free from traditional event spaces and create a captivating environment that reflects your vision. Our event marquees provide the flexibility to choose your location and design, while also ensuring the convenience of modern amenities.

Here are some of the great advantages offered when hiring marquee tents through Excel Hire:


Hiring a marquee provides you with the flexibility to host your next event at the location of your choice. Choose from your favourite bush track or the local park down the road, and know that you can take advantage of Queensland’s weather all year round in a beautiful location.


It’s everyone’s biggest fear: planning a huge event with family and friends, whether it is your wedding day or engagement party, and waking up to forecasted thunderstorms. Though rare in Brisbane, the rain does hit us and you want to make sure you are prepared. Hiring a marquee from Excel Hire provides peace of mind, so you know even if the rain does make an appearance at your next big event, it won’t put a damper on anyone’s day.


One of the best parts of planning an event is picking a theme and decorations to match. Choose from a gold and silver theme, or the more elegant black and gold, or lean towards a more flowery setting. Printed marquees are perfect for your occassion. Whatever your preference, a marquee in Brisbane and Gold Coast from Excel Hire provides you with the perfect setting to put together your next marquee wedding or event and make it extra special. We are the event, wedding & party marquee hire company that is committed to making your event set-up easy.

With Excel’s commercial canvass washing machine, you can rest assured that the next marquee you hire is clean and as new each time it is erected. Call Excel Hire and set up your perfect event today.

Types of Marquees: Unveiling Creativity

Our marquee hire services offer an array of options to suit various needs. We bring you marquee styles that are not just ordinary but are counter-intuitive in their design, creating an aura of intrigue. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary twist or a vintage charm, our diverse range of marquee designs will inspire you to think beyond conventions.

Size and Capacity of Marquees: Setting the Stage

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we have the right marquee size to accommodate your guest list. Our large marquees offer ample space without compromising on the cozy atmosphere you desire. With a capacity that caters to both small, exclusive events and corporate galas, you’ll find the perfect marquee that ensures your guests are comfortably accommodated while making a statement.

Features of Marquees: Where Elegance Meets Innovation

Our marquees don’t just provide shelter – they set the stage for unforgettable moments. Each marquee is an elegant articulation of design and functionality. Illuminated interiors, climate control options, and customizable layouts enable you to craft an atmosphere that complements your event’s theme and purpose. Expect the unexpected with features that go beyond convention, leaving your guests in awe.

How to Choose the Right Marquee: Tailored to Perfection

Selecting the right marquee is more than just choosing a structure – it’s about aligning with your event’s narrative. Our dedicated team understands that every event has its own story to tell, and we’re here to guide you through the process. We’ll assist you in considering marquee sizes, layouts, and designs that seamlessly integrate with your event’s purpose and ambiance, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Cost of Hiring a Marquee: Investment in Distinction

We understand that the cost of marquee hire is an important consideration. While the price varies based on factors such as size, features, and duration, think of it as an investment in the distinctiveness of your event. Our pricing structure is transparent, and we offer tailored packages that accommodate your budget while delivering an unmatched level of excellence.

Experience Excel Hire: Redefining Event Possibilities

At Excel Hire, our marquee hire services transcend the ordinary, offering you a canvas of innovation to bring your event ideas to life. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or any special occasion, our marquee hire in Brisbane and the Gold Coast is designed to astonish. Let us be a part of your event journey and turn your vision into an awe-inspiring reality.

Ready to Elevate Your Event? Contact Us Today!

Marquee hire is a great option for events of all sizes, from weddings to corporate events. There are many different types of marquees available, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

Choosing the right marquee sets the tone for an event that’s truly exceptional. With our wide range of marquee options, unparalleled features, and a commitment to excellence, Excel Hire is your partner in creating moments that linger in the memories of your guests. Contact us today to discuss your event’s requirements and let’s embark on a journey of innovation and distinction together.

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