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Event Hire Brisbane

Gold Coast exhibition equipment hire you can trust

Gold Coast exhibition equipment hire
Gold Coast exhibition equipment hire
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If you are planning an event on the Gold Coast exhibition equipment hire is an important consideration. Excel Hire are the trusted local experts when it comes to installing successful exhibitions. To find out how we can help you in planning your exhibition, contact our team today.

Trust Excel Hire on the Gold Coast for exhibition equipment hire.

Over the years we have accumulated vast professional experience in the events industry. This includes working on a wide range of successful exhibitions. Our specialised expertise means that we are able to plan your exhibits so they have the best possible impact on those attending.

Therefore, everything from car exhibitions to trade shows falls within our realm of expertise. We are confident that no matter the scale or nature of your exhibition on the Gold Coast our exhibition equipment hire will contribute to its success. Furthermore, our team is adept at providing advice regarding the best equipment selection and layout for an exhibition.

Importantly, we create custom exhibition spaces for each exhibition.

You might have heard of or seen the Schemex panel system. We opt to use this system because it provides us with the flexibility to create an exhibition that best meets your requirements. If you need smaller spaces, we create panelled walls to divide rooms and create separate working areas. Exhibitions tend to require a combination of custom booths, individual panels, and panelled walls. The Schemex system allows for all of this.

Furthermore, we provide additional exhibition equipment. This can include information booths, brochure stands, and all required furniture.

For all your exhibition equipment hire needs, contact Excel Hire today!

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