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Expert Brisbane exhibition equipment hire

Brisbane exhibition equipment hire

Brisbane exhibition equipment hireIf you are planning an exhibition in Brisbane exhibition equipment hire is an incredibly important consideration. Therefore, you need to enlist the assistance of experts. Fortunately, at Excel Hire we have experience installing a wide variety of successful exhibitions. To make use of our professional services, contact us today.

If you are based in Brisbane exhibition equipment hire is best handled by Excel Hire.

Our team consists of trustworthy professionals. Therefore, we always provide reliable service to all our clients. Importantly, we understand the nature of exhibitions. Therefore, we are conscious of the importance of setting up and dismantling everything on schedule. You can rest assured that the team from Excel Hire will work according to your schedule.

Excel Hire specialises in creating custom exhibition spaces.

Different exhibits have very different equipment requirements. However, at Excel Hire we are experienced in creating unique exhibitions that are tailored to best reflect the exhibits. For example, art shows have very different requirements from car shows. Our team can provide expert advice regarding the specific needs of your exhibition, and the best equipment to achieve this.

We are able to be flexible because we use the innovative Schemex panel system. These panels can be used as individual freestanding panels, or joined to create panelled walls. We can divide rooms, create separate working spaces, and install custom booths. Furthemore, our team can install registration counters, information booths, brochure stands, etc. Moreover, we can also supply all the furniture required for your exhibition.

For comprehensive exhibition equipment hire, contact Excel Hire today!

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