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Event Hire Brisbane

The best quality furniture hire in Brisbane

furniture hire in Brisbane

Excel Event Hire provides furniture hire in Brisbane for all types of events. Over the years our team has gained vast experience supplying event furniture hire in Brisbane. We have worked with people organising all kinds of events. From celebratory parties to music festivals. From casual BBQs to formal corporate functions. Big sports events to vintage weddings. And the list goes on…

Therefore, we have ensured that we are able to supply furniture to suit any kind of event. No matter the scale or style, we can provide exactly what you need to ensure your guests or attendees are well looked after. To find our more, please contact us to discuss your event.

Excel Event Hire has a wide range of tables and chairs from which to choose.

We have chairs and tables to cater for all styles and tastes. Our range includes many kinds of both indoor and outdoor seating. We provide chairs, benches, couches, bar stools, and children’s seating. Similarly, we have tables to suit your every need. From banquet tables to bar benches and trestle tables and everything in between.

Outdoor furniture hire in Brisbane.

When it comes to outdoor furniture hire in Brisbane, we have everything you need for a wonderful event! Our range of outdoor furniture includes everything you need to ensure your guests’ comfort whilst enjoying the balmy atmosphere.

With the global pandemic having taken its toll worldwide, people are looking to enjoy more time outdoors. Health precautions have also led to an increase in outdoor functions. In the beautiful Australian climate, this is certainly something we can fully embrace. And our experienced team is here to help guide you in sourcing everything you need for an outdoor event.

At Excel Event Hire, we have a range of tables and chairs suitable for the outdoors.

There are several styles from which to choose. From sports events to outdoor wedding ceremonies, we provide reliable furniture hire in Brisbane.

We have stylish outdoor furniture suites for more formal occasions. Wooden furniture for a more rustic look. From couches and bar stools to simple folding chairs, we have it all. Our team can provide invaluable advice should you need help selecting the best furniture for the outdoor component of your event.

All our outdoor furniture is not only durable, but comfy too. We ensure that we only provide top quality furniture hire in Brisbane. You can rest assured that everyone attending your event will experience the utmost comfort.

Indoor furniture hire in Brisbane.

Indoor events can range from conferences to formal functions. From simple to luxurious, from classic to trendy, we provide superior furniture hire in Brisbane. We are adept at providing exactly the right chairs and tables for your specific event.

Our friendly team is always available to give you informed expert advice regarding the best furniture selections for your specific event.

Hiring the right furniture for your event can make or break its success. You want your guests to feel comfortable while also providing visual interest and keeping with the the theme you’re going with for the event. So how do you choose the right furniture hire?

At Excel Event Hire, we will work with you to ensure that your event has the correct quantity, style, and variety of furniture set up. Furthermore, we will advise you regarding the best ways to arrange the furniture within your venue or marquees. Ultimately, our aim is to provide a comprehensive service that ensures the success of your function. To find out more, contact us to discuss your needs.

How many chairs do you need to hire?

First and foremost, make sure you choose the right number of seats for your event. Obviously if it’s a cocktail event, you want to have minimal seating so you can keep people standing and mingling. If you have a sit-down dinner, you need to be extremely precise in your seating numbers. If you’re going for a casual party event, have just enough seats for guests, grouped together. This allows people to still stand if they want, without looking like there are many empty seats.

What type of furniture should you hire?

Once you know the quantity you need to hire, you can play with the types and style of seating. Perhaps instead of 3 seats in a cluster of chairs, hire a plush sofa. For an eclectic look, hire a range of mismatched vintage chairs for guests. Aside from adding to the visual appeal, it provides interest and a talking point for guests. If you are looking for a rustic or country themed event, hire wooden chairs. Furniture can be a great way to extend your colour or style theme. Instead of plain chairs, hire coloured ones to go with your colour scheme.

Looking for more furniture hire tips and tricks?

You may want more tips like these or help deciding what type and how much furniture you will need for your event. Either way, the team at Excel Event Hire have years of experience helping people get it right with event furniture hire. Contact our team to enlist the help of experienced and friendly professionals.

We supply far more than just tables and chairs…

From marquess to tables, chairs, and catering equipment, you can rely on Excel Event Hire for quality products at affordable rates. In addition to tables and chairs, Excel Event Hire also provides for caterers and bars. We have a supply of stainless steel catering benches, table risers, bar tables, counter tops, and more.

We are here to provide everything you need to ensure the success of your event! Contact us today to discuss your upcoming function.

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