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Benefits of Marquee Hire for your Wedding on the Sunshine Coast

Your Wedding

Picking a venue for your wedding day is a big deal. You have to find somewhere that is not only perfect for you and your partner, but also easy for guests to get to and from, and beautiful enough to create lasting memories. This is why there are so many reasons to hire a marquee for your wedding day on the Sunshine Coast.


One of the best features of a marquee is that it is portable. The Sunshine Coast is known for its beautiful scenic locations, and with a marquee, you are able to choose any venue you like to host your wedding day. A marquee ensures you aren’t limited in your options, and that if it does rain on your big day, you have a back-up plan to keep you and your guests dry.

All The Guests

Don’t be limited by the amount of people you can fit into a venue. You can hire the right marquee for you and your wedding, that will cater to the amount of people you want to invite. This lifts any restrictions you might have had with other venues and gives you the freedom to choose.

Finish Time

That’s right –with a marquee there is no cut off time. You can keep the party going until you and your guests are ready to leave, unlike other venues where you are likely to be given the boot at a certain hour. Instead, party on into the night.

If a marquee sounds like the perfect option for your big day, then contact Excel Hire to arrange exactly what you need. They have a variety of choices to choose from to cater to all your needs and ensure your venue Is just perfect.

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