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Marquee Hire for your 30th Birthday on the Gold Coast

Happy Birthday

Your 30th birthday is a big ordeal. You are leaving your 20s behind, likely saying goodbye to the young teen you were (a decade ago!) and entering more mature years. For many people, the last significant birthday before this one was their 21st and lots is likely to have changed in this period of time, which is worth celebrating. Depending on how you are wanting to go about organizing your birthday bash, a marquee hire for your 30th birthday on the Gold Coast could be just the ticket.

Marquee Hire

The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful sunny weather, gorgeous beaches and hot days. But, weather is unpredictable, and if you have picked the perfect outdoor space for your 30th birthday party, you don’t want to get caught out in the rain. A marquee ensures your event can go ahead without a hitch, and takes away the stress in the lead up and on the day or whether or not it is going to rain and you will have to change all your plans.



Another great benefit of hiring a marquee for your 30th birthday is that it provides the perfect space to decorate. The ambience you create can really set the mood for your event, plus it can also be lots of fun to decorate the space in your own way. It’s a chance for your personality to truly shine in the process.

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If you are thinking about holding your 30th birthday outdoors, consider visiting Excel Hire and organizing a marquee to make sure your event goes ahead without a hitch. They will organise to have it set up for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


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