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The Benefits of Using a Marquee for Your Wedding Reception

Marquee for Your Wedding Reception

If you are considering hiring a marquee for your wedding, good choice! Marquees are a popular choice for wedding receptions and, for good reason. 

As a great alternative to traditional venues, they offer a number of benefits that can make your big day even more special. 

In this article, to help you decide if marquee hire is right for your special day, we will discuss six of the top benefits of using a marquee for your wedding reception.

6 Reasons To Hire A Marquee For Your Special Day

1. Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of using a marquee as a wedding venue is that it offers you a great deal of flexibility. By choosing a marquee you can hold your reception in the location of your preference. 

As you can also customise the size and layout of the marquee to fit your needs and fit any number of guests. This flexibility can be a huge advantage, especially if you have a specific vision for your wedding day.

2. Weatherproofing

Another great benefit of using a marquee is that it provides assurance of cover no matter the weather. This weatherproofing means that you don’t have to worry about the wedding of your dreams being ruined by rain, wind or lack of shade. 

You can relax and enjoy your reception, knowing that your guests are safe, dry and comfortable no matter the weather. 

3. Customisation

Acting as a blank canvas, marquees for your wedding can be customised to fit any theme or style. 

You can choose the colour, fabric, and even the lighting for your marquee. From fairy lights to dance floors, floral additions, unique table decorations, draped silks and more anything is possible.

This level of versatility allows you to create a truly unique and memorable wedding reception no matter if it is a small intimate occasion or a huge celebration.

4. Affordability

Marquee hire in Brisbane can be a more affordable option than traditional wedding venues. 

Not only is marquee hire cheaper, venues often have several added fees attached which can make it harder to work within your budget. 

With a marquee, you pay for the hire and can then pick and choose with more flexibility which add-on hire services you need. 

5. Convenience

Marquees are a convenient option for wedding receptions. They can be set up quickly and easily, and they can be taken down just as quickly. 

This means that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding a venue, you simply provide the location and your marquee will be set up for you. Et voila! Your venue. 

Additional Considerations

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when planning a marquee wedding reception:

  • Marquee size. You will need to choose a marquee that is large enough to accommodate all of your guests. This could mean a traditional pavilion marquee all the way up to a big top marquee (circus tent). 
  • Marquee location. Be sure to choose a location that is both accessible and that has the right atmosphere for your wedding.
  • Marquee availability. We recommend booking well in advance to make sure that the marquee is available on the date and time of your wedding.
  • Marquee cost: The cost of a marquee for your wedding reception will vary depending on the size of the marquee, the type of marquee and the location it is delivered. Be sure to procure a quote based on your needs before getting your heart set on a specific style. 


With careful planning, you can have a beautiful and memorable wedding reception under a stunning white marquee.

Quality Marquee Hire From Brisbanes Leading Experts

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using a marquee for your wedding reception. 

If you are looking for a flexible, weatherproof, customisable, affordable, and convenient option, then a marquee is a great choice.

At Excel Event Hire, we specialise in the provision of high-quality marquees not only for weddings but also for party hire, corporate events and more. As experts in event hire, we guarantee to take the stress out of hiring a marquee for your wedding. 


With a host of other hire options also available, we’re here to ensure your big day is perfect. Call 07 3217 3217 today to learn more. 

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