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Is marquee hire worth it?marquee hire

When you’re planning any big celebration, whether it’s a wedding, milestone birthday, family reunion or new year’s eve party, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions: colour theme, food options, and if you should invest in marquee hire. If the weather is warm, you could take a risk and not spend the money, but we think there are more reasons than just rain to think about marquee hire.

Creating space

There’s nothing more awkward at a large outdoor venue than having guests that don’t know where they should stand. You can end up with people standing around the edge of your space, or clumping together in the corners. A marquee creates a ready-made party zone, where guests will feel comfortable and know where to congregate.

Getting the look

Having a great quality marquee set up in your party automatically gives an extra element of celebration and sophistication. Your guests know you’ve gone to the trouble of hiring a marquee and having it set up for their benefit. Strings of fairy lights or festoon lighting stretching from the marquee to other areas, creates a really special party atmosphere.

By adding other features to your marquee, like a dance floor, cocktail station, seating and lighting, you can take your marquee hire up another notch. And of course, rain, hail or shine, your party will go off without a hitch.

For all things marquee hire, plus all your other event hire needs, get in touch with Excel Hire.

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