Event Hire Brisbane
Event Hire Brisbane

The Karana Downs Hinterland Festival-Training Athletes, Artists, and Entrepreneurs over the past six months culminating in the April 13-16 days of festival grounds set up of gallery, dance floors, lights, pennants and then three days of activities before deconstruction of the infrastructure was a major success one hundred and fifty youth-selected for outstanding achievement participated and executives from 60 corporations and enterprises. Four media outlets and 40 professional artist and athletes worked with the youth.

To a great extent the success of this festival may be attributed to the professional services of Excel Events. I have organized events in 75 countries and never found a more professional team. They are strict to detail, on schedule; ensure excellence in setting up grounds, exhibitions and galleries under very challenging settings. They are always professional and the young trainees working with them are treated with respect, consideration at all the times. The infrastructure is of the highest quality and makes the difference in presentation between a makeshift and a professional presentation. I commend them to you without reservation for referral for future events on any scale. I will contract them in the future as first priority.


President Kenmore & District Chamber

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