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Event Hire Brisbane

Beach Marquee for Corporate Activation

External Marquee lighting

Amazing what some event organisers can deliver to their clients with the help of Excel. A Beach marquee for the guest. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you Liz – Queensland Signature Events. We provided her client with the ultimate beach day experience, complete with a beach marquee for shade and sun shelters for UPF50 protection from harmful UV rays. The high quality tents featured water resistant materials to keep guests safe and comfortable during long days at the beach.

To ensure maximum comfort during long days at the beach, our robust tent featured UPF 50 sun protection from harmful UV rays as well as water resistant materials and sand anchors for extra stability. Mesh windows provided ample shade without blocking out sea views and both beach shelters and sun shades were also included to make sure guests were comfortable while enjoying their day by the sea.

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External Maquee lighting

Inside looking out of marquee

The horsepower

Car by air

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